Phil Taylor

It’s hard to think about the game of darts without the name Phil Taylor popping into our heads. He has been a big part of the sport for so long that he has somewhat become its true embodiment. Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is, without a doubt, the best ever darts player of all time. He has won more titles than everyone else in the game can dare to dream.

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Phil just retired from the sport earlier this year at the age of 57 after 32 years of being a professional darts player. To cap off his illustrious career, he managed to reach the 2018 world championships final at Alexandra Palace. Over the course of his career, he managed to win over 200 professional tournaments and is the world record holder with 16 world championship titles under his belt, eight of them being won consecutively when he dominated the world of darts between 1995 to 2002.

Philip Doughlas Taylor was born in Stoke, England in 1960 and started playing darts professionally in 1986. In 1987, he joined the British Darts Organisation (BDO) where he was a member until 1993 when he and other professionall players broke off to form the now more popular Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). He won his first title at the Canadian open in 1988. In the 1990 world championships, he beat Eric Bristow, his mentor, in the final to lift his first World Championship title.

Playing style

Phil throws the 26g Target Phil Taylor Legacy darts with his right hand. He is known for his high scoring game and is second only to Micheal Van Gerwen when it comes to match averages, reaching a high of 118.66 in a televised match against Kevin Painter in the 2010 UK Open. Phil is the ultimate checkout master. If his scoreboard is below 170, things usually get interesting with him and you shouldn’t be suprised to see him make it an outshot. Even in his very last game, he played a very good game despite losing out to Rob Cross whom he claimed would, together with Micheal van Gerwen, dominate darts over the next five years.

Among some of the highlights of his career include a period when he totally single-handedly dominated the game of darts in the world winning eight consecutive World titles from 1995 to 2002. There isn’t a specific period when we can say he was better than others because over the course of his career he has managed to keep winning titles and being a real force in the darts circles. In the 32 years that he was active he also managed to win 16 world matchplay titles dating back to 1995 up to as recent as 2017.

Among his other numerous accomplishments include 11 World Grand Prix titles, 5 UK Open Titles, 6 Grand Slam of Darts, 6 Premier league titles, 4 European championships and 4 World Cup of Darts trophies.

He was the first player to hit a live telivised nine dart finish in the UK at a world Matchplay in 2002, a feat he went on to repeat 10 times, a true legend. He has been named the PDC player of the year six times and even got nominated for the BBC Sports personality of the year on two occasions. He was also the first person to record two nine dart finishes in a single match in a 2010 premier league match fixture.


Phil is divorced. He went through a difficult divorce process but it did not show much on the oche. He has four children, one son, Chris and three daughters, Lisa, Kelly and Natalie. His father died in 1997 wile his mother passed away in 2015.

Interesting Facts

Some of his most fierce rivals over the years include John Part, James Ward, Adrian Lewis, Dennis Priestley and most recently Micheal van Gerwen.

He has 11 live televised nine dart finishes under his belt with the first one in the UK being his.
He is the first player to rack up over 1million pounds in prize winnings.